As an acupuncturist and herbalist for over thirteen years, I have been creating and coordinating group cleanses for my clients. Due to popular demand, I developed Julie Jordan Skinny Cleanse, specifically designed to jump-start your metabolism and help you reach your weight loss goals! This simple 14-day detox cleanse will help you lose weight and raise your energy levels!

Julie received her Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. She is a California State Board Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist.

She has been in private Acupuncture practice in Santa Monica, Ca for over 13 years with an emphasis on functional medicine and nutrition.

She has been leading people on group cleanses every change of season for the past four years and has had hundreds of people successfully complete her cleanses.

She is married and lives in Culver City, CA with her husband and three kids.

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“Julie is a great leader. I could not have done the cleanse without her. It was really nice having a support group. I enjoyed hearing about other people’s experiences and loved sharing mine. I hope to do more cleansing with her as a leader.” – Leslie Mayer

“I thought the cleanse was easy tasty and I felt great. I lost a few pounds and can fit into pants that I couldn’t before. I am much more aware of the food I put into my body. I will definitely do it again next year.” – Alisa

“I feel great after this cleanse. My skin looks so much clearer and my energy is better. It was really nice to cleanse with a group and loved having Julie’s and everyone else’s support. I am also motivated to continue eating cleaner since it is now a habit and cravings have significantly diminished!” – Erin

“My insomnia stopped after the cleanse. Before I had a hard time getting to sleep, now I falls asleep so easy and sleep through the night! I don’t have stomach problems anymore after the cleanse. I used to have to use the restroom at any moment but that doesnt happen anymore. I am so happy I also cut out soda and fast food! It was a great cleanse.” – Bernardo

“When i did the cleanse it helped me in so many ways. I didnt even realize all my problems were coming from food allergies(gluten and dairy). I always felt weak before the cleanse. And I think the best thing of all is that we got pregnant !!!!!!!! I dont think we would have been able to have a baby before, I felt like I was so toxic and deficient. Now my anemia is gone after 15 years and we have a beautiful little one on the way !! Yay ! We couldnt have done it without your help and guidance !!!” – Sonia

“I would like to thank Julie for facilitating a fabulous group cleanse. She is available for the participants of the group, coupled with her knowledge and commitment to health and cleansing is what really makes this cleanse successful. I had outstanding results and look forward to the next cleanse. I began the cleanse during a move and my first week back at UCLA (after 25 years) … this opportunity grounded and connected me to me, and like minded individuals. Do it! Thanks Julie.” – Mia

“The cleanse was an amazing way to reset and shave off some unwanted pounds that I have kept off 6 months later. And the best part was it was easy and you are never starving or having to obsess over portions etc. Thanks Julie!”

” I just wanted to say Thank You for encouraging me to do your liver cleanse. Amazingly , I feel great. I can actually get out of bed without the need of caffeine. Surprising, since I have an addiction, I will say— I do feel different, I feel better, I’m not bloated, and I have energy. Oh, I almost forgot I feel younger!!!  Thank you.” – Stefanie

“I have done many cleanses over the years. The moment I started, I could feel the herbs beginning to work. Some days I could actually feel emotional toxicity being released. It was definitely a powerful cleanse.” – Donna

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