Body Sculpting Classes

Small Body Sculpting Classes that make sure your individual needs are attended to while still interactive.  Using the barre to practice ballet moves, long lean muscles are achieved. With two or three 90 minute workouts a week, total physical restructuring is possible over time.

We offer 3 options:
• Private sessions
• Buddy session
• Small Group (3 to 8 people)


Private Training sessions

Teresina is devoted to Private training sessions that are custom designed for you body to help you get longer, leaner, lighter and stronger. Her way of communicating the physics of the abs and how to integrate this skill into our everyday life is a gift. You will master these muscles to benefit every movement we engage in while our entire body gets stronger.

Teresina connects the mind, body and abs so we master the mechanics of this usually misused power center.

Michelle’s main style of training is functional/ lifestyle exercises and HIIT (high intensity interval training) or LIIT (low impact interval training). Functional/lifestyle training trains your muscles to work together and prepare them for the daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, work, and activities or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, also greatly emphasizes on balance and core. HIIT or LIIT is adding cardio to the functional exercises during varies times in the workout with shorter rest times in-between sets.

Dance Classes

Shaking your booty is remarkably healthy, and not just in a fitness-and-weight-loss kind of way. Dancing can boost your brainpower, improve your outlook, grow your social circle, and protect your most important organs even if you have no rhythm.

Get on the Floor for Your Health! You don’t have to have moves like Jagger to reap any of dancing’s health-enhancing benefits. The more time you spend on the dance floor, the more you train your brain to open those feel-good floodgates—and the more you’ll start to amp up your overall well-being.

Just one lively dance session can slay depression more than vigorous exercise or listening to upbeat music, according to a study in The Arts in Psychotherapy. Getting jiggy with others also leads to less stress and stronger social bonds, key factors in both mental and physical health.

Dancing gives your brain’s memory, coordination, and focus areas an intense workout, leading to stronger synapses and beefed-up gray matter. The result: Dancers can be sharper in the short term and less likely to succumb to brain diseases in the long run. A New England Journal of Medicine study of 11 physical activities found that dancing was the only one that lowered dementia risk by a whopping 76 percent.

It’s never too late to get healthier by getting down, whether you start small by rocking out while cleaning your digs or go big and sign up for a class. However you choose to move, you can glean the biggest rewards by doing it for 20 to 30 minutes most days of the week. What are you waiting for?

Let’s Dance!

Belly Dance Class
Belly Dance Class

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