Stimulating events and classes to bring you powerful wisdom.

We offer the Venice community – and anyone that wants to join – continuous healing to all who want to play with us.

Whether you want to:  

Lose weight

Have better relationships

Heal headaches

Heal back pain

Heal traumas of the heart or injuries to the spirit

Reduce mood swings or fatigue

Recover from an accident, childbirth, or divorce

Just want to feel better…

or simply maintain your good fortune

We at MBA Venice continue to be at your service, offering spiritual and healing workshops.

122 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 104, Venice, California 90921

Located opposite Whole Foods Venice on Lincoln Blvd.

MBA is a full service healing salon that helps your body rediscover its natural fitness, beauty and well-being. Call us today for an appointment with our trainer, our chiropractor, our facialist or one of our healing team.

Phone: 310.455.6122

Where are we?

MBA Venice