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Your Body. That’s right. THE. BODY. TEMPLE. You have a temple, a vehicle for goodness, vitality and full, magnificent health. Look after it. Its is the only one you have.

Not motivated? Too unfit, Too old, Too injured? NEVER! We are here to help. We LOVE what we do! We produce beauty and happiness every week here in our boutique gym and tailored sessions. You leave feeling fantastic!

Because we understand how the body changes, we specialize in mid – life fitness, but work with all ages. We work with actors, Politicians, Doctors, Athletes, Business people, Moms and Venice artists, all of whom make up our mixed and wonderful clientele.

Teresina – Structural Fitness trainer – and her partner Dr. Rudy Patel – Doctor of Chiropractic medicine – have been working together for over 10 years. Using a combined formula of chiropractic and body core training, they have improved the lives of hundreds of their clients. Together they have an unbeatable system that allows for maximum results. Click here for more info and to book an appointment for a chiropractic treatment. Click here for information about Teresina’s customized body sculpting classes.

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