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that helps your body rediscover its natural fitness, beauty and well-being.

Dynamic Wellness

is a combined formula of chiropractic and body core training – an unbeatable system that allows for maximum results.

State of the Art Skincare

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Do a workout for your spirit.  We provide classes and personally tailored programs to ground our spiritual offerings into your body.  You will KNOW it with every fiber of your being.  Mind-Body Apothecary is not just a gym.  Its a cosy emporium of wellness that includes simple, stimulating, new thought events and classes to bring you powerful wisdom. Join us Today! Click here for our schedule.


Teresina, Structural Fitness trainer and her partner Dr. Rudy Patel, Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, have been working together for over 10 years.  Using a combined formula of chiropractic and body core training, together they have an unbeatable system that allows for maximum results. Click here for more info and to book an appointment.  Click here for information about body sculpting.


Step into our Apothecary to see the full range of delights to enhance your beauty and lifestyle. Enhance your beauty at our Emporium of Wellness as we heal and captivate you. Drop in and check out our wares, our favorites include: powerful skin care rejuvenation with our Facialist and stem cell therapy, and healing for your mind and emotions with Essential oils.   Look at our beautiful options here.

I’ve been dealing with health issues from a fall for over 30 years. I have been seeing chiropractors, but none have given me the results that I’ve experienced with Dr. Patel.  Dr. Patel takes his time to learn what my body needs, and adapts to suit it. He works very gently on me, and prepares my body before any adjustments. He and his assistant Edward are very generous with their time and knowledge. Teaching me exercises to do in between sessions to be actively involved in my own recovery. I’m having great results resolving long term issues. I’ve referred others to him.

Debra J.

Santa Monica, CA

Holy Hand Grenades Batman! I feel like a superhero tonight. I had a deep session today with Lesa, followed by an adjustment with Dr. Rudy, followed by 90 mins of Belly dancing.  I’m 50 years old and its the best I have felt in 20.  After 1.5 years of re-building my body (after a sports injury) with the careful training by Teresina, and sessions with Dr Rudy for a year, the sessions tonight finally took my body to a whole new level.  I feel liberated and more vital than I knew was possible.  Yahoo!  Thank you so much to this winning team.

Josie K.

Dance Teacher, Santa Monica CA, Tantric Alchemy

122 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 104, Venice, California 90921

Located opposite Whole Foods Venice on Lincoln Blvd.

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